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How To Write A Good Cover Letter

In this lecture, we start to get more specific about what a cover letter, its purpose and its elements. We explore the characteristics of a good cover letter and a bad cover letter in more detail. In particular, students are given sample cover letters and are asked to study them in groups. Then, the students describe each of the cover letters and categorize their characteristics into things that should be included in a cover letter and things that one should not include. The purpose is to give the students tools to be able to constructively criticize their own cover letters and improve them.

Writing Cvs

In this lecture, we discuss the objective statement category, which is the very first category that often follows personal information in a CV. In particular, students are presented with different samples of good and bad objective statements and are encouraged to conclude the characteristics of a good and a bad objective statement. In doing so, we highlight the elements that need to feature in a good objective statement and we discuss some of the most frequent mistakes that people make in their objective statements

Having A Debate

The teacher in this lecture starts with a review on what has been covered on debates, and continues the lecture with how to be persuasive in debates. The students discuss at the beginning the ways in which they could be persuasive, and then they watch a video that demonstrates the application of those techniques through language and tone of voice. The students are asked to practice a few sentences using the mentioned debating techniques, with an emphasis on the tone of voice. After the students have a brief knowledge and practice on the debating skills, they are given the chance to think about the language that is used while debating through a group activity. The students will use the language in the next lecture in a real debating activity