Board of Instructors

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Khalid Olwan

Fundamentals of Religion

Khalil odeh

Arabic Language and Literature

Kholoud Fahoum

Sociology and Social Work

Lina Khayyat

Architecture Engineering

Loay Abu-Alsaud

Tourism and Archeology

Luai Malhis

Computer Engineering

Lubna Kharraz

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Ma'moun Mubarakeh

Arabic Language and Literature

Maha Masri

Political Science

Maher Arafat

Management Information Systems

Maher Abu Baker

Management Information Systems

Mahmoud Irshaid

Sharia and Islamic Banks

Mahmoud Mansour

English Language and Literature

Majeda Musleh

Interior Design

Marwan Mahmoud

Electrical Engineering

Marwan Massalha

Lower Basic Education

Maryam Hmoudah

Chemical Engineering

Mersal Mersal

Physical Education

Mervat Aiash

Applied Arts