An-Najah Lectures

Since 2010, An-Najah National University has filmed hundreds of courses in the form of educational videos for various subjects. The University aims to provide educational materials in a variety of ways, read, audio and video, so that students can refer to it at anytime, anywhere, through their smart devices.

To return to these courses you can go to the concerned faculty, and see the lists of courses and lectures.

Board of Instructors

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Sharaf Yassin

English Language and Literature

Mahmoud Irshaid

Sharia and Islamic Banks

Hassan Ayoub

Political Science

Heba Asleem

Teaching Methods

Fayez Mahamid

Psychology And Counseling

Hussein Abed

Business Administration

Ibrahim Arman

Civil Engineering

Isam Jardaneh

Civil Engineering

Hassan khader

Fiqh & Legislation

Hamdi Jabali

Arabic Language and Literature

Filasteen Nazzal

Psychology And Counseling

Firas Hamdan

Business Administration

Ghassan Badran

Fundamentals of Religion

Ghassan Odeh

Civil Engineering

Ghassan Thouqan

Psychology And Counseling

Hadi Hamad


Hafez Shaheen

Civil Engineering

Ismat Asaad

Department of Fine Arts