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Design Of Frames 2

Continuation of the frame example which analyzed using portal frame method is presented. The calculated 1st order internal forces is converted to 2nd order internal forces considering P-delta analysis. Those forces are compared by the beam-column capacity.

Design Of Beams Column 0

After discussing design of tension, compression, flexure and shear forces; this lecture presents an introduction to the most general case which is beam-column elements such that axial force acts on element in addition to the biaxial bending moment. 2nd order analysis is introduced to students and simple example is discussed to show how to deal with 2nd order analysis for beam-column element

Introduction To The Design Of Steel Structure 1

Different types of real steel structures are presented in this lecture. In addition, discussion of types of loads, and load combinations with more focus on wind load effect on steel structures are presented. After that, steel material (steel grades) are presented. This lecture highlighted also the main advantages and disadvantages of steel material and structures