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Writing Reports

In this lecture, we give a general introduction on writing reports. We discuss the processes involved in writing a report by highlighting the importance of gathering data that is relevant to the topic of a report before starting the actual writing process. We also highlight the different elements that a report is made of, such as title page, executive summary, table of content, introduction, conclusion and recommendations. In doing so, we study a sample report to familiarize students with what an executive summary is and the general structure of reports.

How To Respond To Emails

This is a practical lecture where I read emails that I received from some of my students and reply to them. The purpose of this lecture is to apply the skills that we have previously learned in the previous few lecture in the process of responding to emails. In particular, we discuss the importance of understanding the nature/identity of the audience and the type of language to be used when writing a response email. We highlight some useful phrases that can be used in the introduction and body of a response email.

Evaluating Cvs - Content

In this lecture, we study the content of a good CV and we highlight the most important elements that should be present in a CV. The students are given tools they can use to evaluate the content of their own CVs in relation to the job advertisement or the requirements specified in an MA degree application. In particular, we study a translation job ad and discuss its content. Subsequently, we highlight the most important skills and qualifications that need to be present in a good CV to be submitted for this particular job opportunity.