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How Not To Write A Robotic Cover Letter

The purpose of this lecture is to give students the tools to make their cover letters more effective by focusing on the language used in them. In particular, students are introduced to the importance of making their cover letters interesting to read for an employer. To achieve that, we discuss certain cliché phrases that are normally found in cover letters, and we offer alternatives that can boost the quality of a cover letter. The students are encouraged to avoid empty words and come up with different ways of communicating their suitability for the job post to make their cover letters successful.

How To Write A Good Cover Letter

In this lecture, we start to get more specific about what a cover letter, its purpose and its elements. We explore the characteristics of a good cover letter and a bad cover letter in more detail. In particular, students are given sample cover letters and are asked to study them in groups. Then, the students describe each of the cover letters and categorize their characteristics into things that should be included in a cover letter and things that one should not include. The purpose is to give the students tools to be able to constructively criticize their own cover letters and improve them.