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The Conclusion Of An Essay

The basics of writing a conclusion for a 5 - paragraph academic essay

Applications Of Neutralization Titration I I

The lecture deals with the determination of carbonate mixtures using neutralization titration

Midterm Exam Solution

This lecture includes discussing the solution of the midterm exam questions

Design Of Beams Examples

Dr. Mohammad Discusses an example with students, and check local buckling and bending capacity as restrained beam. This is followed of strengthening beam using plates and introducing the idea of non-prismatic sections

Thin Films

Difference between bulk and polycrystalline films Advantages for each system Cost factor, Ease of preparation, environmental impact, Amounts of needed starting materials are much smaller in case of thin film technology Manufacturing: Substrates used (glass & Transparent Conducting Layers: Fluorine doped tin oxide and tin doped indium oxide) Simple methods Electrochemical depositions Chemical bath depositions

1 Composite Materials

Staring with main definitions Differences from compounds and solutions How one system affects another systems in synergistic manner Each one system has a role Examples from peoples practices Clay and hey composites, building composites Cement + Stones Ideal ratio for the two materials is important