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Writing Reports

In this lecture, we give a general introduction on writing reports. We discuss the processes involved in writing a report by highlighting the importance of gathering data that is relevant to the topic of a report before starting the actual writing process. We also highlight the different elements that a report is made of, such as title page, executive summary, table of content, introduction, conclusion and recommendations. In doing so, we study a sample report to familiarize students with what an executive summary is and the general structure of reports.

Evaluating Your Cv

In this lecture, students are given the tools to evaluate their own CVs. The content aspect is discussed briefly in this lecture, while much attention is paid to the appropriate format of a CV. A CV format is evaluated by ensuring that it is free of any spelling or grammatical mistakes, the same font is used throughout the whole CV, and that chronological order is followed especially under the categories of education and the previous work experience. Students are given the opportunity to collectively evaluate completed CVs in terms of format and consistency.