Lateral Torsional buckling

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Design Of Beams 1

This lecture presents the critical buckling moment capacity of beams subject to uniform moment and introduces the effect of non-uniform moment on flexural bending capacity of beam. Specific equation is shown how to calculate the additional capacity that could be gained under non-uniform moment

Design Of Beams Ltb

This lecture starts by introducing main elements of frame building including roof bracing, frame bracing, portal frames, covering system, … etc. this is followed by an example to show how to calculate yielding moment and plastic moment capacities. Lecture presents and show the lateral torsion buckling and make a link between loss of capacity and unbraced length

Design Of Beams 1

Possible types of failures for beams are shown. Definition of Lateral torsional buckling is illustrated and showed by simple experiment using notebook. Graph is drawn to show relation between unbraced length and moment capacity of sections by defining plastic capacity of section, In elastic and Elastic critical buckling moment.